What Are The Non-Surgical Treatments For Snoring?


These are the main non-surgical treatments available today:

  • Dental devices- these devices are similar to how a mouthpiece is designed and worn. Common forms of these are the mandibular advancement devices and tongue stabilizing devices. Since snoring is sometimes caused by the tongue or lower jaw being pulled back, these dental devices work by keeping them in place. These anti snoring devices pushes your tongue and/or lower jaw forward so that the gravitational pull will not have an effect on them. However effective they are, they must be worn every night and side effects such as a change in your permanent bite may be present.
  • Nasal CPAP- or continuous positive airway pressure. These devices are designed as masks and worn as masks when sleeping at night. It’s commonly advised to those who suffer from sleep apnea. It works by providing a constant, increased pressure to the airways to prevent it from narrowing down and causing snoring. You are to wear the mask attached to a tube that will supply the oxygen through.
  • Behavioral Changes- these are the treatments that can be described as “self-help” remedies or lifestyle changes. Though they are the most sensible and easily recognizable treatments, they are the ones harder to accomplish. Behavioral changes are the following but not limited to; weight loss, avoiding alcohol, change in sleeping position, changing medications, and smoking cessations.
  • Nasal devices and medications- the most recognizable one is the nasal strips. They work by serving as a plastic that holds both of your nostrils passages open so that air passing through will not have any obstructions whatsoever. They also keep your nose from accumulating mucous and congestions so as not to block the incoming air.